Want to inspire “rich referrals” to call you? Get your pen out.

We recently shared with you the Merrill Lynch tearsheet story from 1947.
This (at the time controversial) campaign took ML from boutique to Goliath, rapidly (it brought in +3,000,000 requests, this is not a typo).
While, at the same time, establishing the firm as the AUTHORITY on Wall Street.
What was unique here because many of the other firms around the US were basically the same?
It was the words chosen in the tearsheet campaign run in newspapers around the US (see the actual tearsheet ML used in the link above).
Your words matter and are the difference in moving a reader to take action (reach out to you for help).
The essence of our service and big reason (we believe) we have a 70% renewal rate is that our model has evolved from this ML campaign (BTW, most ML brokers have no idea about this story).
Want a 30-second example of the POWER of words to move and inspire a reader?
Read this review (image below) on Amazon that just went viral in the last few days.
It is blipping hilarious but it inspires the reader, yes?
Worse case, you know about a product now that you never would have, right?
Words matter.  Following age old, proven formulas that move readers to take action, our Education Based Marketing Tearsheet Generator (for members only), is now literally fill in the blanks.
It could not be easier for you.  We work side by side with you, as your partner, to get your tearsheet ready to drop in the mail to move the sports agents to reach out to you.
It’s systematic and very effective.

The 5 steps to “rich referrals,” simplified:
  1. Create the tearsheet with us (it’s fill in the blank for you). 
  2. Drop in the mail weekly or every other week to 10 to 20 agents.
  3. Agents respond to your call-to-action?  Great, increase your reach.
  4. Agents, little to no response(s)?  No problem (this is marketing). We work with you to revise/improve your tearsheet.  Go back to step 2.
  5. Continue to roll out, wash, rinse, repeat.

With a client base (we already know that +60% of them need a new financial advisor) in dire need, you following the simple steps we’ve developed since 2010 will create massive breakthroughs (new contacts, referrals, intros, AUM, prestige).