(Survey Results Enclosed) What’s The Hardest Part About Working With Celebrity Clients?

We’ve had 100’s of questions about this niche client base from financial advisors’s over the past +7 years.
They can (mostly) be funneled down to just a few core questions.
Below are the survey results from a recent webinar we ran on 1 of those question:

“I believe the hardest part of working with celebrity clients is _________?”

Of the 4 options below, which one are you?
Why am I asking?
Because we believe this may be what is holding you back from developing this “diamond in the rough client base.”
BTW, few are targeting, even fewer are having success.

We can show you exactly how to create results, but we need to hear from you.

Can you reply here with your answer (we’ll reply back with a special gift to your inbox as our thank-you:)?

P.S.  To learn how to actually make the “hardest parts” below work for you, grab a webinar seat here where we show you exactly how to make these challenges for you ($0.00 charge).