Snail mail vs. email. And the winner is…

Checkout this meme on snail mail vs. email (15 years ago vs. today)…

You feel that this is true?  It is so, soooo true.  How this helps you…

  • Merrill Lynch’s 1948 advertorial campaign (snail mail was key way to request/receive info.) literally took them from boutique to Goliath.
  • Ken Fisher has consistently used snail mail to make himself, a standard financial advisor, into a billionaire.
  • Our system, at it’s roots, is derived from these 2 systems.  What makes ours unique?  It is laser focused on a specific group of accredited investors.  We strongly believe this gives us our EDGE:)

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To run, we must first crawl, walk then run, right?  This is the walk phase, you can get bait in the water, today!
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