SECRETS REVEALED: How 1 financial advisor became a +$100B RIA.

So Ken Fisher (for the most part), is your avg., everyday financial advisor.
What does make him a bit unique, he’s been able to raise 9 figures in AUM.
How has he done this? 4 prime ways:

Snail mail is…BACK!
  1. He uses education-based marketing to position himself as an AUTHORITY, EXPERT & SPECIALIST in managing $$
  2. He delivers it online (facebook ads) and via snail mail (this is a key secret, see image)
  3. Receives the opt-in/lead
  4. He leverages continual media exposure to keep his name and face in front of the masses

This is the core. But…
Few FAs use a systematic approach like this. Most instead say this does not work. Others have tried 1x, didn’t get immediate results and throw in the towel. 

Guess what? It does work. It flat out works!

Guess what #2? This is our core system: Education-based marketing, Delivery, Opt-in, Media Leverage.Brian discusses the 4-step referral funnel here and how this all fits together in this brand new message here.Want to raise more AUM on auto-pilot? Watch this!  Ho