Production Hack (Learn 2x As Fast Doing This)

The beautiful things with the internet…There is so much valuable information out there, right?

Need to figure out how to install an oven? There’s a youtube video for that. Need to learn insider tips for marketing your business? There are millions of resources out there (actually the fact that there are so many is an issue because it creates OVERWHELM, but that’s information for another post).

So let’s get to the hack. Ever notice there are a ton of valuable video lessons out there? There really are. Ever also notice that trying to get thru a whole lesson can be tricky?

What if you could cut the time it takes to consume this great content, in half? Would that help you become more productive? We agree. So how do you do this?

Check out the image to the right. Adjust the speed of the video or audio. This will dramatically accelerate your consumption.

So here are the 2 steps to dramatically increase your knowledge:

  1. Adjust the speed to a faster pace.
  2. Give yourself about 1 to 2 minutes to adjust. Why? At first, it’s going to sound odd, right? But guess what…As your ears acclimate (rather quickly for most), you’ll notice you can’t really tell a difference.

Guess what difference you will notice? You have just watched a 60-minute video in 30-minutes. Do the math on this over the course of a day, a week, a month. How much more of this valuable content will you be able to take in? This could be a game changer. Try it out. Let us know what you think.