[Mini Case Study] Ken Fisher: The long term impact staying consistent can have, when you…Stay consistent:)

As you know, our system parallels with Ken’s model that has turned him into a Billionaire ($3.8B).
There are many reasons why he (a pretty standard FA) has done this, BUT 1 reason he’s not a billionaire is that he had 1 home run investment in MSFT, AMZN, FB, etc.

Just not the case.  It’s been hitting lots of singles, doubles while STAYING CONSISTENT WITH ALL EFFORTS.
Want a glimpse into 1 of the reasons why he’s a billionaire?  Read this (when asked about scaling)…
Ken Fisher:  
“We’ve just done a lot of things that people in our realm of endeavor thought were stuff you couldn’t do or shouldn’t do
.  We started off doing direct mail and then we moved into direct email…”

There are multiple parts of the puzzle to Ken’s success, BUT a key thread that has consistently run thru his entire practice is: 

  • That funnels to a specific…
  • RAISES tons of AUM!

Not dissimilar to what Merrill Lynch did in 1948 to go from boutique to Goliath in a matter of a couple years.
This is the core of what we do (but we have a couple very specific TWISTS to the model:).
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