I’ve lost 20.1 lbs. in the last 23 days. How (& why it matters to your business)?

I’m saying this not to pat myself on the back (I am pleased though:).
I share this because it’s a testament & “reminder” to me how following a system flat out works.

I find when I’m in a grey zone with my food, minimal plan to each day, open to eat freely, I tend to make errors in judgement.

I tend to overindulge, find reasons to have a little extra or eat something that doesn’t bode well for my health/lbs.

BUT, when I have a system and follow it, funny thing…It works.
It works with ease.

It’s not recreating the wheel.  It comes down to 2 things:   Either follow a guide (system) or do not.
On May 16th, I committed to following a set plan that I have used before for success.

Guess what, Brian?  It works.  By the way, following the rules, the process has been enjoyable (vs. feeling depraved or that I’m on a diet).

The precise same truth holds true for business.  When we follow a guide/system, results can occur & they can occur rapidly.

Ideally, you follow a guide who knows what the heck they are doing.
Since 2010, we’ve learned a thing or 2 (probably +2:) about developing this niche client base.We have fine-tuned a system blueprint for you to develop “new” relationships with major influencers (sports agents).
It follows a system, a blueprint and it works.

It has been so fine-tuned, it’s turned into a “fill-in-the-blank” format for you…We do the rest…It’s that easy now.

For renewing/new members (available for a limited time), we are even doing the first shipment to the sports agents for you at $0.00 cost.
Brian, want to learn more about our system UPGRADE (it’s moved our renewal rate to 70%) & how it can help you whether you ask us to help you or you DIY?
Grab a seat on our brand new webinar here (next one starts momentarily).

Here you will learn our simple system blueprint.  You will learn how to have ongoing “bait in the water” to +10,000 accredited investors, by just committing to 30-minutes a week.  That is all.
We’d love to share with you what has taken us 9-years to fine-tune for you.  It has the potential to open up a breakthrough for you, today.
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Sound like a plan?  Brian

P.S.  Want to know my simple method* to dropping the lbs?
It’s a simple 4-step process.  The primary food item I purchase from Amazon. 

To get the 1-pager, just reply to this email me (brian@proathletedirect.com) & I’ll share it.

*BTW, this works for me and is not an endorsement for you to do the same.  I am simply sharing information on what has worked for me:).