(Client alert for you) “Homeowners Rush to Prepay 2018 Property-Tax Bills.” How to use this news to help your clients, right now.

All over the news, we’re seeing this headline…

It may be too late for you to reach out to sports agents*, BUT this is a great way to connect with your “current” clients.

*We do have a quick way you can on social media today, I recommend just sharing the WSJ link and share a quick “how to do this (1 pager).”

Whether they (sports agents/athletes) have time to use now or not THEY WILL love you for this & you’ll create massive GOODWILL, immediately.

How to leverage news into clients…
In the membership, I share a case study about how (when I was a financial advisor) I used timely news like this (Julian Robertson’s hedge fund collapse) to not only save a family friend millions of dollars, but within 2 weeks he had transferred the first $1M of +$3M he placed with me over the following 6 months.

This is taking care of your clients, first, without asking for a thing.  

It’s what we call here: Results In Advance (RIA).
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Subscribers to this junior membership of ours today will immediately receive a 1 Page (PDF) on how to put this news to work at $0.00 charge.

Sound fair enough?  Brian

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