The Dream Referral Situation That Created 0 Referrals, WTH?

Why is it important to watch this now? I am going to show you exactly how to get your top 25 clients sending your referrals on AUTO-PILOT, as in…
You don’t ask for a referral but they (your clients) are able to provide them to you 24/7.

This is a GAME-CHANGER in opening up your biggest center of influence…Your CURRENT CLIENTS, immediately (as in they could be referring you as early as today. Read on to learn how).

To preface, close your eyes and picture in your head…

The most perfect/ idyllic referral setup…Would the referral situation look something like this to include:

  • A friend as the referrer? 
  • Major connections between the person in need and the advisor (family & friends)?
  • +56 mutual friends/acquaintances on FB (rapport)? When you live in Seattle/Bellevue most your life, you know just about everyone:)
  • Similar aged kids (more rapport)?
  • A major need (I need to move my insurance coverage) by the person involved (as in me:)?
  • Would it be between 2 local people (as in they live in the same neighborhood)?

Probably a mix of the 6 right OR even all 6 (as you will learn all 6 boxes checked for my referrals situation)?

Backstory…In October I had a buddy of mine (former MLB ballplayer) refer me to an insurance broker buddy of his
(we’re in need of adjusting our umbrella policy, etc.).

The setup (on paper) could not have been any better (like I noted, all 6 boxes).

Guess what has happened since the October introduction? 0! Nada! Goose egg!

Want to know why? There was no HOOK TO ACTION (HTA).

Even though I am in:

  • Dire need of a switch (my current broker has been about a 2 out of 10 in stars from us).
  • Need a policy(s) review. 
  • And, I already know of this guy (his sister’s married to a Frat bro of mine) and he’s as rock-solid as they come.

But since October nothing has happened.How does this benefit you? It can in a BIG WAY!I’m going to show you a SIMPLE 5-step process (that he could have used) for you to instantly get your best clients sending people your way AND it moves the referral to take action. No weeks, months going by with 0 activity.  All for $0!Watch this SIMPLE tutorial (I share the exact adjustment that could have been made) to see how to take this lemon and IMMEDIATELY turn it into lemonade in getting your best clients referring you ASAP (as in today).

Click here to watch the DEMO I just recorded for you that shows you a simple system you can plugin in <3 days (it literally could work within hours, no hyperbole)!

It shows the word for word email exchange AND the simple adjustment that could have been made that would have instantly moved me to TAKE ACTION.

Some call it magical.  We call it a simple communication adjustment with a HOOK TO ACTION (HTA)…This is the magic (BTW, Fisher Investments has been doing this for decades)! 
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Get referrals in as little as 7 days from today

Guess what we figured out in 2019? 

As much as our business (since 2010) is built on helping you become the go-to financial advisor for these key influencers (sports agents), there is a bigger influencer lurking out there…

An influencer who can not only send you many more clients…
They can start referring you immediately.  
Can you guess the client base?
It’s a goldmine, sitting right beneath your eyes. 
BTW, only you have access to them.
This perk your ears up at all? It should (if not, I’m totally failing in my message

If so, want to learn how to get these referrals coming to you on auto-pilot (as in you do not ask for the referral)?
You’ll also learn the little mechanism you can put in place and they (this client base) literally cannot resist connecting their family & friends to you.

To learn how you can do this and start triggering referrals (in just a few days), go here now & let Trooper guide you thru this fun tutorial(Our members get access to this system and we’re sharing it with you today since you’re a past member).

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say what.gif

Dual Marketing via “Structured Repurposing” (Learn What The Heck This Means)

Have you ever had such big news you didn’t know the best way to share it?

We have that news right now with this breakthrough.

What is it?  For financial advisors & realtors only, we have built a system for our members to:

  • Generate referrals from these influencers (sports agents) WHILE…
  • Generating referrals from their existing clients ALL…
  • At the same time BY…

Not sure about this?  Great!  We explain in <5-minutes here (Brian just recorded this message for you)

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Production Hack (Learn 2x As Fast Doing This)

The beautiful things with the internet…There is so much valuable information out there, right?

Need to figure out how to install an oven? There’s a youtube video for that. Need to learn insider tips for marketing your business? There are millions of resources out there (actually the fact that there are so many is an issue because it creates OVERWHELM, but that’s information for another post).

So let’s get to the hack. Ever notice there are a ton of valuable video lessons out there? There really are. Ever also notice that trying to get thru a whole lesson can be tricky?

What if you could cut the time it takes to consume this great content, in half? Would that help you become more productive? We agree. So how do you do this?

Check out the image to the right. Adjust the speed of the video or audio. This will dramatically accelerate your consumption.

So here are the 2 steps to dramatically increase your knowledge:

  1. Adjust the speed to a faster pace.
  2. Give yourself about 1 to 2 minutes to adjust. Why? At first, it’s going to sound odd, right? But guess what…As your ears acclimate (rather quickly for most), you’ll notice you can’t really tell a difference.

Guess what difference you will notice? You have just watched a 60-minute video in 30-minutes. Do the math on this over the course of a day, a week, a month. How much more of this valuable content will you be able to take in? This could be a game changer. Try it out. Let us know what you think.