Are you in or out?

In 1995, when I started out as a financial advisor at PaineWebber (UBS now), as a rookie, I despised feeling like I was following the herd.

It was a competitive rookie class.  I was up against a couple well known retired NY Jets (they were partners).

A son from a royalty in Spain.

We had 31 studs & studettes in my rookie class. 

I realized that I had to make my own mark, follow my own path, away from the herd.

Doing this kept me #1 to #4 in my rookie class during every month during the 2 years of tracking.

I say this not to brag but to make the point of the power of moving away from the herd.

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the herd, going after the same clients?

Now, I understand, if you’re getting this email from us, you’re an All-Star and one of the best out there, BUT…

Often times that doesn’t matter, it’s a numbers game.

You know, as well as I do, the best (like you) often fall victim to the #s game.

I’ve got something different for you.

It’s a client base the herd is NOT chasing.

It’s a client base who has a paid employee (agent), in place, to hear from you, right now.

It’s a client base with a massive income (+$3M on avg.).

So I want to ask you, are you IN or OUT?

If you’re a YES (on learning what we uncovered), take 2-minutes to go here to follow Trooper’s lead (our new AI asst.)

If you’re out, no problem.

There is so much upside for the In’s (the YES’S), DO NOT miss out on this if this is you.

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Of course you are.

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Grab a seat here. Next showing begins momentarily

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