Be More Like Ken Fisher, Dammit!

Fisher Investments uses a simple 3-step formula to fill their calendars up each and every day to raise endless $$.

Does it work? Yep! They are a +$100B RIA because of this. 
Do they believe in this system? Yep! They invest 6% of gross revs each year doing this.

Much of our model* is similar–There is one big EXCEPTION: 
Our members are laser focused on just 10 to 25 COIs at a time, no shotgun approach. 

The focus with COVID-19 is just your top 10 to 25 CURRENT CLIENT COIs.

Once we build that referral funnel out for a member, they then move to target the sports agent COIs.

Here is an image of what this looks like. Does this visual make sense?

3 steps from connection to contact from pro athlete direct PRIME.png

We have our COVID-19 Response, Recovery & Referral Webinar open to financial advisors right now.

To grab a seat and learn how to open up a flood of referrals from your Top 25 clients, even if their portfolios have been hammered by COVID-19, click here.