Focus & leverage your strengths, outsource your weaknesses

The longer I’m in the online business world, the more Jim Edwards is becoming a go to mentor of mine. He’s really got much of this stuff figured out at the next level. Here’s an update he just sent out this morning that is so good, I had to post here. Take 30 seconds to read this…

Brian Ouellette

A Note From Jim Edwards…

Focus On Strength – Outsource Weakness

Many people spend a lifetime trying to overcome their weaknesses while ignoring or taking their strengths for granted.

In other words, they struggle with the things they suck at, and neglect their God-given talents…. and they end up miserable.

My mantra? Focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.

Do the things that you do best and get BETTER at those… become a master. Your strengths are like your secret weapon.

The things you suck at? Hire a master to do them FOR you.

Now, the one area this does NOT apply is in the area of fitness. If you suck at cardio, you need to get better… you can’t outsource that (consult your Dr. before starting any exercise program).

Think about your last success. Did you play to your strengths? I bet you did.

We all have greatness… start using the greatness YOU have to your best advantage!


Be More Like Ken Fisher, Dammit!

Fisher Investments uses a simple 3-step formula to fill their calendars up each and every day to raise endless $$.

Does it work? Yep! They are a +$100B RIA because of this. 
Do they believe in this system? Yep! They invest 6% of gross revs each year doing this.

Much of our model* is similar–There is one big EXCEPTION: 
Our members are laser focused on just 10 to 25 COIs at a time, no shotgun approach. 

The focus with COVID-19 is just your top 10 to 25 CURRENT CLIENT COIs.

Once we build that referral funnel out for a member, they then move to target the sports agent COIs.

Here is an image of what this looks like. Does this visual make sense?

3 steps from connection to contact from pro athlete direct PRIME.png

We have our COVID-19 Response, Recovery & Referral Webinar open to financial advisors right now.

To grab a seat and learn how to open up a flood of referrals from your Top 25 clients, even if their portfolios have been hammered by COVID-19, click here.

(Urgent) COVID-19 update for your clients

If you are a financial advisor, do not miss this update.

From Brian Ouellette, founder of Pro Athlete Direct

Right now, you have a once in a lifetime chance to:

  • Take care of your clients like nobody else 
  • Extend your expertise to your clients’ relationships (family, friends, etc.) who are not your clients YET to bring in a ton of referrals & AUM

There are people in dire need of direction. You can help, they need you to sort through this mess.

Question, you are working from home more now?
Good, you can make time to watch this 4-minute message Brian just recorded on this update: “Congress will let you take $100,000 from your 401(k)”

Learn how to shed light on this for your clients, right now, to position yourself as the HERO you are.

At the end, you can hop on our latest EMERGENCY WEBINAR. Sound like a plan? Please procrastinate on procrastinating here. There is TOO MUCH upside for you. Let us help you!

P.S. Below are a few more talking points to help your clients with right now:

  • SBA Forgivable Loans Up to $10M
  • SBA Emergency Grant Up To $10K
  • Withdraw Retirement Penalty-Free Up to $100,000
  • SBA Disaster Loans Up To $2M
  • Employee Retention Credit Up To $10k/employee 
  • Tax Deadline Extensions
  • Cash Management Post Funding

BTW, you do not have to be an EXPERT on this, just guide your clients/their family & friends thru this, their relationships through and you’re a hero.

SECRETS REVEALED: How 1 financial advisor became a +$100B RIA.

So Ken Fisher (for the most part), is your avg., everyday financial advisor.
What does make him a bit unique, he’s been able to raise 9 figures in AUM.
How has he done this? 4 prime ways:

Snail mail is…BACK!
  1. He uses education-based marketing to position himself as an AUTHORITY, EXPERT & SPECIALIST in managing $$
  2. He delivers it online (facebook ads) and via snail mail (this is a key secret, see image)
  3. Receives the opt-in/lead
  4. He leverages continual media exposure to keep his name and face in front of the masses

This is the core. But…
Few FAs use a systematic approach like this. Most instead say this does not work. Others have tried 1x, didn’t get immediate results and throw in the towel. 

Guess what? It does work. It flat out works!

Guess what #2? This is our core system: Education-based marketing, Delivery, Opt-in, Media Leverage.Brian discusses the 4-step referral funnel here and how this all fits together in this brand new message here.Want to raise more AUM on auto-pilot? Watch this!  Ho

How to get a referral “today” in 4 simple steps

First off, I know something about you. I really do. Guess what it is?

Regardless of who your clients are, who you work with, how long you’ve been in the business, what experience you had prior to becoming a financial advisor, it all does not matter because I know this about you…What me to tell you what it is?

I know who your biggest Center of Influence is right at this very moment. It is your CURRENT CLIENTS. You may be like, well yeah, duh! Or you may be thinking, I haven’t really looked at it that way, but yes, they are.

When I was a financial advisor, I happened to start right at the start of the markets heating up in 1995. It was a glorious time for a mid-20s advisor from PaineWebber (now UBS) to get lots of referrals. Many way sooner than I should have been, haha.

But guess what? For the most part, for me and like many, referrals are not coming in systematically. For the most part, they happen passively, right? I never considered in my decade + as an FA that what if I looked within my COI to really expand my business vs. developing new clients all the time. Things would have looked a bit differently, right?

This is something we recently realized with our private members. Since 2010, we’ve been helping 100s of FA’s each year develop the sports agent influencer relationship. It wasn’t until recently we realized our system can work beautifully (with some minor repurposing of content) in developing the CURRENT CLIENTS of our members into endless referral givers. WOW! This is huge news and a huge opportunity for you to reach out to your current COI and get them referring you AS SOON AS TODAY.

We are in the midst of developing this arm fully but we are rolling it out, as we speak, to our current private members who invest $10,000 a year for a membership. Want to see this in action for $0?

Watch this 27-minute tutorial from Brian Ouellette, our founder. BTW, this can work with you whether or not you work with us. How cool is that?

Click here to watch this DEMO. This is a GAME-CHANGER in opening up a world of referrals for you. Referrals sitting right beneath your nose as you read this.