Don’t wait, start today.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The 2nd best time is today.”

Kind of holds true for raising your AUM, right?  Also, adding referrals, getting intros, etc.
If there is not bait in the water, there is 0 chance of a connection.  If there is bait in the water, everything is possible.
Interested in learning 4-steps you can take to turn cold prospects into warm leads and ultimate clients? We see this all the time. Past prospects, even past members of ours reach out months, even years later…”I should’ve started this already.”

Here’s your cheat sheet to get started, today…How to develop a cold client base into ongoing, easy referrals in 4 (simple) steps:

  1. Identify a crystal clear target audience (we focus on pro athletes) and build a short contact list of your top 25 clients within it.
  2. Reach out to this list of 25 (via snail mail, not email) by providing a solution to a known big problem they have (for financial advisors this will be in the money realm, due to +60% of them having money issues quickly in retirement. For realtors, because they are such active home buyers/sellers, 4x as active as the avg. home buyer, it will in this realm).
  3. Be crystal clear in this share AND ask for nothing in return (we call it providing Results In Advance (RIA) where you actually provide value, by…Providing (high) value. Funny how that works). Don’t fall into the herd mentality by saying, call me to discuss or when can I call you. It is important not to have a hint of this in this key stage. The goal is to be so laser-focused on providing a simple solution with the opportunity for them to request additional information on this solution.
  4. Provide a crystal clear call to action to request additional information (solution) via landing page, email, phone messaging service (make sure it’s clear that they are ONLY leaving a voicemail, at this point you DO NOT want them even thinking there is a 1% chance of someone answering, they are not ready for this YET), fax, online voicemail OR all of the above.

This is it.  Then…Wash. Rinse. Dry. Repeat. Wash. Rinse. Dry. Repeat.*

*When does this process not work? When you do not Wash. Rinse. Dry. Repeat. So many (most) people try something 1 time (many times not even fully 1 time). It doesn’t provide instant payoff and what do they do?

They write it off as… That does not work.

This is total BS. It’s like trying to ride a bike, falling down 1 time and coming to the conclusion, Bikes don’t work. Phooey, they work, BUT they require practice. Practice creates progress.

Ken Fisher, the founder of Fisher Investments, has an Education Based Marketing plan he provides via direct response snail mail. He has stuck to it when most gave/give up. He has become, as a result, a billionaire. Yes, a millionaire with the B (net worth $3.9B).
He is pretty much a standard FA. No single major homerun investments in MSFT, AMZN, etc. It’s been sticking to a system…The key distinction, he stuck to providing RIA via Education-Based Marketing and has been highly successful, as a result and has helped 10,000s of people.

This is the model that works…If you work it.

The class starts out with Smokey & The Bandit, how can this thing not be great!:)

We work our system & it works pretty darn good (so much so, our renewal rate is at 70%).
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In this presentation, you will learn the A-Z on this client base of athletes, in dire need of help from fantastic financial advisors & realtors.
You will learn how the 4 myths most people have actually WORK FOR YOU, when you provide RIA via Education-Based Marketing.
You will learn the system we’ve developed since 2010 that is so effective it has moved our renewal rate to 70% (which is abnormal for a several thousand dollar a year investment)

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